The Saudi factory for plastic nets (SFPN)is Member of Al-Shiddi Group was Established in 1996. 

And startd actual production in 1997.

Factory Activities is manufacturing the Woven Polypropylene bags, agricultural twine and industrial ropes. Under the Industrial License No. 1099 / 09-03-1433 H.

The factory is located in the industrial zone in Huraimla province, KSA. While the Head office Located in Riyadh, KSA

Our Vision

To be a leader in Woven Polypropylene bags and agricultural twine industries in Saudi Arabia. By offering a product with highest technical specifications, using the latest technology available.

Our Mission

Saudi factory for Plastic Nets dedicated its effort to keep satisfaction of its clients by offering products with high quality. The factory also adapts during its growth with the requirements of both its customers and employees.


The factory applies in Its work the highest quality standards in manufacturing its products to meets the aspirations and needs of its clients. To help accomplish this goal the factory got the ISO 9001. Certificate.


Most of the production is directed to the local market in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the factory export to: United Arab Emirates – Qatar – Yemen – Kuwait


The factory pays great attention to customer feedback to know about the factory’s products and deal it with great deal of attention and appreciation. The customer complaints took a special interest, whether technical, financial or other complaints and must be discussed in detail and develop appropriate solutions immediately


The factory’s policy is direct contact with customers, and distributes its products itself by contracting with transportation agencies.

Factory's activity

The factory has two production Line 1st Woven Polypropylene bag Line. 2nd Agricultural twine line

The factory participated in the INFOAGRO EXHIBITION in Spain to present the work of agricultural producers in May 2017

Woven Polypropylene Bags Products

Application :
Woven polypropylene bags are considered to be the toughest packaging bags, widely used to pack materials for grain, milling and sugar industry. Additionally, these bags also find wide application in fodder industry, chemicals and fertilizers industry and sand , etc.

Salient Features

  • Flexible and high strength
  • Double side print
  • Water & dust proof design
  • Heat Cut
  • Hemmed top.
  • Flat or anti-slip weaving
  • UV Protection

Bags Size

As specified by the customer. Width : from 30 to 80 cm Length : from 40 to 120 cm

Bags Colors

As specified by the customer. One or more colors

Bags Printing

As specified by the customer. Up to 4 colors on one or two sides.

bags Texture

PP woven bags are especially used for the packaging of fine granules, chemicals , fertilizers, animal feed, sugar, flour etc., these bags have an additional liner, which not only protects the products from external elements but also ensures complete safety against any sort of leakage and pilferage. The factory can manufacture PE liner bag as per customer’s specification

Twine Line Products

Agri. Twine:


Saudi Factory for Plastic Nets manufactures high quality baler and Agricultural twine. This twine labelled with “SFPN” which is a flagship in Saudi Arabia.


Hay bales, straw, horticulture, green house and general use

Roll Weight

From 0.25 kg to 10 kg

Twine Colors

As specified by the customer.

The Saudi factory for plastic nets

We have been working for twenty years in producing woven polypropylene bags, agricultural twines and industrial ropes.

Since then, we have been working hard to expand the trust between the customers. The Saudi Plastic Factory has gained wide fame for its outstanding durability and resistance to climatic conditions and conditions of use as well as its multiple uses which have helped to spread widely in the consumer, commercial and industrial markets inside and outside the Kingdom. For multiple options of sizes and technical specifications that have enhanced customer confidence day by day.

  • The factory produces polypropylene lined and non-lined polypropylene bags of various sizes, which are used in packing grains, sugar, fertilizers, feed and flour as well as chemical applications. It is characterized by its high resistance to water, dust, sunlight and its durability as well as its high flexibility and its ability to print on both sides.

  • The Saudi factory for plastic nets produces agricultural twines, which are produced in various thicknesses, sizes and lengths.

  • Suspension yarns are used in the suspension of plants in green houses, in addition to the yarns used in linking grasses such as trefoil and Rhodes, and the connection of cubic and round bales, in addition to other general uses,and the production of Threading cables filler, brominated  marine ropes .

  • The products of the Saudi Factory for Plastic netshave obtained ISO certification in achieving quality, making it the forefront of customer choices on various needs.

  • We are aware of the importance of the positive role that everyone must play, and we believe that bright ideas, however simple, coupled with hard work and the relentless pursuit of their implementation, will be able to raise the level of individual and community performance.

Contact us

PO Box 662 Riyadh 11421
Phone : +966 (11) 2104141
Fax : +966 (11) 2740595
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